Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot Gadget Review: Carabiner Torch Watch

Hot Gadget Review Hot Gadgets Reviews multi-functional gadgets Carabiner Torch WatchMulti-functionality is the watch word of present technical era. Multifunction gadgets have tuned the modern life style in a unique note, and have been taking the markets by storm. While just scrambling around the web, looking for some multi-functional gadgets, I chanced to stumble upon something quite fashionable, really interesting and a great combo that have been merchandised by many retailers online.

Whatever name you call it by… a “torch watch carabiner tool” or “Carabiner Torch Watch”, this is really one of the hot gadgets that has greatly been admired by the sportsmen across the globe. This innovative handy gadget from True Utility is one of the most vital trekking or camping accessories. It’s not all that a hi-tech gadget that can do miracles… rather a simple watch-cum-torch, the basic loop characteristic of which makes it a versatile gadget for usage. Be it your pants or your backpack, you can cling it where ever it looks stylized! The Carabiner Torch Watch owes its sturdiness and durability to the metal alloy carcass. Moreover the maker added another enticing addition to its feature-list by making it water-resistant. Just cling it to your waist liner loop and walk out in rain in style. The manufacturer claims that this really interesting gadget combo is one of the must have items for the survivalists! Besides it’s multifunctional features, it’s trendy look will surely add spice to your style. The contoured shape and smooth line of this hot gadget will impress any watch lover!

More Information about Carabiner Torch Watch

  • Launch date: 2008, 2nd half
  • Availability: Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Oceania, Japan, Romania... demand is on rise.
  • Carabiner Torch Watch from True Utility
  • Lightweight alloy body
  • Japanese Quartz watch movement
  • Alarm/clock
  • 2 x Button cell batteries
  • Water Resistance: 8.3cm long
  • Bright white LED light
  • Dimensions: L80 x W40 x D14mm
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