Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog Website Review

I have always been an avid dog lover and stayed with dogs. As a dog lover most often I tend to look for ways to detach my profession from my personal time time. Just the last weekend, i.e. July 25, 2010, I was looking for information about German shepherd dog and chanced to stop by a website dedicated on the breed. This review is on the website About German Shepherd Dog, that provides incredible quality of German Shepherd Dog information.

Why liked the website...

# 1. The header image, which displays a German shepherd Dog in motion, catching freesbi is worthy to be praised.
# 2. The color combination is nice and has a smooth flow from header to footer.
# 3. The soothing color has given the website a special texture
# 4. About German Shepherd Dog is a website dedicated to the breed and breed enthusiasts like me.
# 5. The site maintains a good standard of content depicting the various aspects of the GSD breed. Highly researched content on the GSD breed
# 6. The News corner (News Round Up) in the website, where the links to the topic related to news on German Shepherd Dog breed, is a remarkable corner of the site.

Because I have enjoyed all the pages of the website I am sure this is going to be a great project. Because of my limited free time I found this to be a great format. Because I could manage to scoop time out of my busy schedule, I was able to drop by almost all the pages of the website. I have to say that About German Shepherd will be rocking within a year. The most important and interesting thing is their Video Channel, where they display German shepherd Dog videos. Keep dropping by the website dedicated to GSD breed. If you are looking for German Shepherds info, About German Shepherd Dog is the best website on German shepherds for people who love German Shepherds.

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