Sunday, February 28, 2010

Google Buzz Reviews

A review on Google Buzz

Google has created a real buzz across the web with its newly launched Google Buzz. Google Users have been talking about the buzz quite excitingly since February 9, 2010 the day Google launched the product. While most Google users have been buzzing around with this transcendentally amazing product of Google, many are there to still understand what Google Buzz actually is. What are the features that Google have incorporated into its new product, Google Buzz? This review on Google Buzz is going to clarify confusions about the product.

Google have been thinking of bringing out a revolutionary change in the way of revealing information to its users. Steps have been taken to add social features to their products making them more like the open social platforms to share information. With the way of communicating with people online is changing its shade, there has been a Social web explosion, and people are communicating in micro level, where the primary way to communicate is to tell the world what you are up to and what is that you are looking for in a stream of real-time updates. Although it seems that social web lacks in the actual meaningful conversation, but it is the way you can make yourself social online, promote your profile, across your community and retrieve information thereby.

With these in mind Google has come up with Google Buzz, which is a social media sharing service built into the Gmail window. The Buzz allows you to share your pictures, video clips, links and update your status message, everything through your Gmail inbox and/or your mobile browser. Google Buzz is thus an effort to make web universally social, which makes it a phenomenal spot for sharing information online in the real time update streams.

The five basic features introduced to Google Buzz are:

  • Automatic friends lists updated: Friends who have emailed you on Gmail or will be email you in future will be automatically added
  • Rich fast sharing: Google Buzz is gifted with a feature called “Rich fast sharing”, which combines sources like Picasa and Twitter into a single feed, and it includes photo browsing in full size.
  • Public and private sharing: You can swap between family and friends.
  • Inbox integration: Google Buzz features emails that update dynamically with all Buzz threads, including photo viewer. It does not email you with the updates like Facebook and Myspace.
  • Recommended Buzz: Google Buzz is also gifted with a feature called “Recommended Buzz” that helps putting friends-of-friends thread content into your stream, even if you’re not known to them.
With these five transcendental features Google Buzz might become one of the most potent tools for Internet Marketing professionals.

What’s more interesting about Google Buzz is that Google made Buzz available to your mobile phones as well. Yes… its not restricted with in Gmail but rather it has moved a step ahead and nicely works on mobiles phones too right from on Android and iPhone browsers. It is smart enough to locate your position from a one button press and the thread feeds can be tailored to their information on more serious stuff such as businesses or share market updates. Online business is likely to have a subtle twist now with Google Buzz.

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