Sunday, January 20, 2013

Now Meal Time is Fun Time with Beco Bowls

Give your dog a break from the regular eating bowls. Pep up his meal time with amazingly designed Beco bowls. He will go 'lol over mealtime and enjoy a nutritious affair with printed, designer bowls.

Made from unique plant fibers (bamboo and rice husk), all Beco range of bowls are soft to touch and eco-friendly. They are tough and durable, and come in beautiful color shades of pink, blue, green and cream. The beautiful design of Beco bowls is visually appealing. In a moment, they can add to the elegance of home d├ęcor.

Bowls come in varied shapes (with high or low rims) and sizes. So, you have no worry – how large the appetite may be, you have a perfect sized one to feed your dear pet. The non-slip rubber base of the bowls is easy for your pet, since it stays grounded at one place. You have no hassle in cleaning because they are dishwasher-friendly. Moreover, they are sustainable and absolutely biodegradable.

You can add dollops of excitement as you place your pet's fav food on the platter. Do not forget to lay out the paw print mat to add to the fun of it.

Check out for amazing range of safe and food grade quality of designer Beco bowls.

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