Saturday, January 9, 2010

Google Wave Review

Google wave… the present generation communication system developed by the Google Inc has revolutionized the way you can communicate with your folk world wide. So what do you need to know about Google wave?

Google wave is one of the most potent tools of online real-time communication and collaboration to be made across the web. So the next question that might come up is what made Google wave set apart from the rest communication tools? It is technically more advanced with waves of amazing features. The Google's technologists have designed this communication tool in a way so as to make it the most transcendentally unique and user friendly. How? The Google Wave enables you to communicate and collaborate to perform specific task(s) by sharing information through richly formatted text, maps, pictures, slides, video clips etc. On the other level, you can reply in the message anywhere you wish. You can change content of the message by adding and removing the part you want. As a participant, you can also add other participants any time you want. Just rewinding it back, will let you know who said what and when. The wave allows the participants can find the real time updates and can experience faster interaction, which proves to be highly effective when it comes to online discussion board. Online business models have found a new horizon through features like photo sharing, document sharing and brainstorming meeting. The participants can work on group projects and reap the benefit of Google wave by using the gadgets provided therein.

Google wave is a present generation’s developer’s paradise. It acts as a platform featuring a wide range of open APIs that allow the developers to embed waves in other web services. They can also create extensions to work inside the waves.
Google wave is available in limited release. You need to be invited through email to be a participant of Google wave. Your unique URL is necessary when you are signing in to the Google Wave for the first time.

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