Saturday, June 6, 2009

Digital Camera Review - FinePix J250, The New Addition to FujiFil's J Sereis Digi Cam

Very recently Fujifilm proudly announced an amazing addition – the “FinePix J250” to its wide range of highly popular J-series compact digital cameras. Stuffed with features to ensure more options and choices for the consumers, the FinePix J250 has been highl;y admired by photographers.

The FinePix J250 model has been designed to target the photographer mob that prefers a stylish digital camera that can yield stunning image quality without blowing the budget. Every single model developed by Fujifilm yields good quality picture. So what makes FinePix J250 digital camera different from the others? Fujifilm’s FinePix J250 has a core specification of 10 megapixels, with high-quality 28mm wide-angle Fujinon 5x zoom, which ensures top image quality with perfect sharpness. Its diminutive size allows the user of keep it in the pocket and mover wherever they want. The most important feature that sets Fujifilm’s FinePix J250 digital camera apart from other cameras in J series is the highly effective Dual Image Stabilisation technology, which allows the photographer to combine CCD shift technology with high ISO settings to get virtually blur free images. The large 3” LCD screen is another big feature of this new addition in J series digital camera. Another couple of features offered by the FinePix J250 digital camera are the impressive Scene Recognition AUTO (SR AUTO) and Face Detection Technology with red-eye removal.

SR AUTO is one of the smartest technologies that allow photographers to get amazingly great shots quickly and easily. Users will just frame the shot, and SR AUTO technology will recognize intelligently the scene’s details including landscape, night, macro, night Portrait, portrait and backlit portrait. It selects the perfect setting that best suits the scene’s details. This allows the user to grab every single situation and take stunning shots of all types, ranging from group shots and sweeping landscapes to dramatic close-ups and moving shots.
Available in silver or black, the brushed metallic finish with and the highly polished metal lens ring and diamond cut FinePix logo gives the device a look of luxuriousness.

FinePix J250 Digital Camera Review - Features at a Glance
  • 10 Megapixels
  • Scene Recognition AUTO (SR AUTO)
  • 5x Fujinon zoom lens
  • 28mm wide-angle
  • Dual Image Stabilisation
  • 3” LCD screen
  • ISO to 3200 (at 3MP)
  • Face Detection technology (software based)
  • Micro thumbnail View
  • Smart, stylish and luxurious look

FinePix J250 Digital Camera Review - Specification

• 1/2.3 " CCD
• 10 million effective pixels

Image sizes:
• 3648 x 2736
• 3648x 2432
• 2592 x 1944
• 2048 x 1536
• 1600 x 1200
• 640 X 480 pixels

Movie clips:
• 640x480 (30fps)
• 320x240 (30fps)

File formats:
• Still Image - JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
• Movie Clip - AVI (MJPEG) Audio : WAV

• 28-140mm equiv.
• f = 5.1 - 2.5.5mm
• F3.3(W) - F5.1(T)

Digital zoom: Approx. 5.7x

Focus: Auto focus

AF area modes: Center

Focus distance:
•Normal - Wide - Approx. 60cm / 2.0 ft. to infinity
Telephoto - Approx. 1.2m / 3.9 ft. to infinity
•Macro - Wide - Approx. 5cm - 80cm / 2.0 in. - 2.6ft.
Telephoto - Approx. 80cm - 1.5 m / 2.6ft. - 4.9ft

ISO sensitivity :
• ISO 64
• ISO 100
• ISO 200
• ISO 400
• ISO 800
• ISO 1600
• ISO 3200

Metering: TTL 256-zones metering

Exposure modes: Programmed AE

Shuttter speed: 8 sec to 1/2000 sec

Shooting modes:
• Mode dial - Auto, Baby mode, SR Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Digital ZOOM, Portrait, SP(Scene Position), Movie
• SP - Landscape, Sport, Night, Night (Tripod), Natural light, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, Sunset, Flower, Party, Museum, Text, Manual

White balance:
• Automatic scene recognition
• Preset (Fine, Shade, Fluorescent light (Daylight), Fluorescent light (Warm White) Fluorescent light (Cool White), Incandescent light)

Self timer: Approx. 10 sec./2 sec.

Continuous shooting Modes: Top-3 (max 1.4 frames/sec)

• Modes: Red-eye removal OFF - Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro.
Red-eye removal ON - Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.
• Range
Normal - Wide - Approx. 60cm - 3.0m / 2.0 ft. - 9.8 ft.
Telephoto - Approx. 1.2 m - 1.9m / 3.9 ft. - 6.2 ft.
Macro - Wide - Approx. 30cm - 80cm /1.0 ft. - 2.6 ft.
Telephoto - Approx. 70 cm - 1.5 m / 2.3ft. - 4.9 ft.

LCD monitor:
• 3.0 inch TFT LCD
• approx. 230,000 pixels
• Amorphous silicon TFT colours LCD monitor
• approx.100% coverage

Digital input/output: USB 2.0 High Speed

Video output: AV - NTSC, PAL (user selectable)

• Internal memory (Approx. 24 MB)

Power: Rechargeable NP-45 Li-ion battery

Weight (without battery): 151 g

• 92 (W) x 58 (H) x 23 (D) mm
• 3.6 (W) × 2.3 (H) × 0.9(D) in

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LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player Review – Music Amidst The Rain

LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player Review, MP3 Player Reviews

LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player Review

Very little is there to review on the amazing Waterproof MP3 Player, so it might not blow your mind off. Still with the advent of LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player, the world of music has seen a new horizon. With this entirely new concept iRiver has revolutionized the way of enjoying music! iRiver claims that it’s new creation LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player will allow enjoy music amidst the rain or in the swimming pool too! iRiver has always stirred up topic of discussions by introducing new concepts, and this time it joined hands with the world most renowned swim suit maker, Speedo to let swimmers enjoy a new flavor of life… Music on swim!

Pretty ergonomic, iRiver’s LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player is designed in rubber to resist water sipping in to the circuit board. This waterproof MP3 player, LZR Aquabeat Racer is a combined effort of iRiver and Speedo. This attractive MP3 player is equipped with 2 GB memory space, which is just enough to upload some of your faves. The built-in rechargeable battery runs effectively to give a playtime of as along as 8 hours continuously and is smart enough to withstand duration up to 30 minutes under water swim. LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player can be easily affixed to your head, although it does not have the wireless technology, nor does it have the digital display like Apple Shuffle, nor again is this something that has taken a big share in the market. But if you are looking for an MP3 device that would allow you to enjoy the rhythm of life even at a depth of 3 meters under the water, there’s no option but to pick the LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player! If you are planning to get this waterproof MP3 player for Scuba diving, you are going to be an utter flop for the bad investment. Remember, LZR Aquabeat Racer can withstand not more than 3 meters of water depth. With just the necessary acoustic controllers including “Play”, “Volume Controllers” and “stop and track-changing controllers” this Waterproof MP3 Player has marked its name in the top searches! LZR Aquabeat Racer Waterproof MP3 Player supports both MP3 and WMA files.

LZR Aquabeat Racer has been released in Japan only and has been marked $128.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

iPhone Application Review - Las Vegas casinos Banned iPhone blackjack card counting Application

Card counting iPhone application frowned upon in Online Casinos

Apple's iPhone has already taken a big stake of the mobile phone market. With loads of amazing features and built-in applications, iPhone is going to the the hearthrob of the generation. Now the next version - iPhone 3G has put even more enticing features all at your fingertips. This review is on an iPhone application that has given hard blow to the Online Casinos. A new hi-tech iPhone blackjack card counting application moved the online gamblers! BlackJack gamblers can cheat at the gambling table by using the blackjack card-counting iPhone application.

Very recently mass voice was raised against the use of iPhone blackjack card counting application. According to a report released by Associated Press, the Las Vegas casino operators are currently on the lookout for blackjack cheaters who are using the card-counting application on their iPhones. Nevada State Gaming Control Officials warranted a caution to the online casinos about the fact the hi-tech card-counting software is smart enough to turn iPhone and iPod Touch MP3 players into a tool that can be used to beat the odds at the blackjack tables in Nevada.

In his letter to the casino operators, Randall Sayre, who is the Nevada gaming control board member mentioned: "Once this program is installed on the phone through the iTunes website it can make counting cards easy. When the program is used in the 'Stealth Mode' the screen of the phone will remain shut off, and as long as the user knows where the keys are located the program can be run effortlessly without detection."

Associated Press reported that by using this application program gamblers can tap a virtual button on the screen, every times a cards 10 or with a higher value gets turned up. Interestingly the gamblers can also tap a different button (virtual) on the screen as soon as a low-value card is turned up. This hi-tech iPhone application runs through a software that continually shows the real time count by updating the true count. The users of this iPhone application get tracks of the cards with total values, closest to 21 points without exceeding that particular amount. By this the user gets a feedback regarding a gambler's probable chances to winning.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Search Engine Reviews - Microsoft's Bing is Here

"BING" - the word has been buzzing the world wide web for quite some time now. The Bing is here now! The newest take on the web by Microsoft is now open to the world since this morning - June 02, 2009, although it was about to go live on Wednesday, June 3, 2009. When the Search Engine giants like Google, yahoo, Altavista is already there in the market, what sets Microsoft's new Search Engine apart? What makes it different from these existing giants. This review on the new search Engine developed by Microsoft will clarify what Bing is all about. I am sure people all over the world got gripped in a bit of confusion to find Bing replacing Yes, is redirecting to since morning June 2, 2009.

Since its a new born baby with just a few hours of age, it is not devoid of technical drawbacks. I came across forums, where many international Internet users have stated that they noted different results and features in varied IP addresses and languages. Bing is not amongst those full proved Search Engines that have engulfed the lion share of World Wide Web.

Whatever the tech issues might be, Bing will hopefully come up with stronger and flawless version shortly. Keep your finger crossed! Check out the features that Bing has come up with...

Video Previews: Pretty cool this feature is, with tons of facilities for the users! Good news is that the international users are able to to watch pretty lengthy clips on Bing, which is helpful. There's another part of the story too! Loic Le Meur the founder and CEO of video conversation site discovered something that's really annoying! Even after tweaking the safe search settings Loic discovered that Bing could preview any video clip, including the restricted ones.

Search Categories: The meeting held in the last week at the unveiling of the Search Engine, Bing, Steve Ballmer the CEO of Microsoft defined the current search one-dimensional. He said people can "find information quickly and use the information they've found to accomplish tasks." This will grow to become a lot more helpful. Currently, broad searches in Bing for terms with deep results are bringing up suggestive categories to try searching under and the results are pretty detailed and are showing up things even at micro level. For instance a search for "cell phones" yields links for reviews, price comparison, repairs, and so many other good stuff including shopping links, images and related videos. The overall search results count to 132,000,000, while for the same buzz phrase Google returns 120,000,000 results. Interestingly Bing seems to organize the search results neatly for every single search and semi-specific categories.

Shopping start point: This could set Bing apart from the existing Search Engines. Bing has already taken over the Microsoft's previous product (Search Engine) Live.Com, where users could occasionally find amazing cash-back bonuses and sophisticated shopping points. Keeping focused on the great shopping start point feature, Bing can mark a difference with more effective and smarter results.

RSS feed results: Although nothing worthy enough boast at, but the browser should detect an RSS feed on the results page for search terms automatically, and, given that. Since it's a new search database, Bing's results feeds might come up with some newest and you some new and very intriguing results.

Read out the extracts of some early reviews on Bing:

Gizmodo: "In the automatically generated top links for Gizmodo are months-old links to single posts about the second Bill Gates/Seinfeld ad and leaked box shots of the Zune 16GB and 160GB models. Really?"

Ars Technica: "The results for some queries blow my mind: how is it possible that the results can be so preposterously useless? Other times, though, a comparison with the old Live Search shows that Bing obviously has had its algorithm tweaked for the better."

Mashable: "There's at least three very different versions of Bing right now, and depending on where you are, your Bing experience will be very different. It's a very weird decision from Microsoft, bound to cause a lot of confusion, but hey: it's the Microsoft way."

Technologizer: "Bing attempts to differentiate itself from what Steve Ballmer would call "the market leader" in search by focusing on helping users with four common action-oriented search tasks: making a purchase, planning a trip, researching a health condition and finding a local business."

ReadWriteWeb: "The main difference between the two search engines is that Bing offers more options on the left, including special sections for symptons, medication, children, etc. It also offers 'related searches', which with health-related searches is typically helpful ... With Google you can get more options too, but you have to click "Show Options..." - which we're not sure how many users do."

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