Saturday, May 16, 2009

Symantec Claims Mac OS Targeted by Malicious Spyware

Sometimes back in late 2007, Symantec, who made one of the most popular program suite Norton Utilities, came up with scary prediction for the Mac users, claiming that the Mac Operating System had been increasingly becoming a target for the certain malicious activities that, they thought were mostly associated with Microsoft. This prediction made by the “global leader in information security” moved the Internet mob across the globe, especially the niche Mac users. Although there's no record about it, but it is for sure that many Mac users have purchased Symantec anti spyware and virus resisting software. Symantec had a good business out of that! Now the question is how many Mac OS had been targeted during the tenure. No news of Mac Os targeted have been published across the net. Good news is that, Symantec admitted that the prediction made by them about increasing Mac-targeted spyware was not correct. That was like crying wolf by the “global leader in information security”, Symantec. Most importantly Symantec has not seen any news of new Mac-related threats these days.

This is definitely a safe time for the Mac users, but that doesn't mean that Mac is absolutely safe life time and free from spywares and viruses. While just notice OS X Software Updates, you can fnd that Apple releases new security updates every few months in order to facilitate the esteemed Mac users preventing their Mac from being targeted by malicious spyware and viruses. Although Mac OS has been designed, keeping the security issues in mind, so most vulnerabilities are really hard to be exploited. Exploiting the vulnerability requires "socially engineered user interaction”.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Digital Camera Review - Canon PowerShot A590 IS

Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera ReviewCanon has broken the records of some of the path-breaking technology of grabbing moments in lens! You can now freeze every single moment of your life in the lens of exceptional digital camera - Canon PowerShot A590 IS. If you are looking for a digital camera, just do not forget to check out PowerShot A590 IS. With 8.0-mega pixels, a 4x optical zoom, an Optical Image Stabilizer and a large 2.5-inch LCD screen the Canon PowerShot A590 IS will surely prove its worth by the power-packed performance. Whether you are a professional or just an amateur Canon PowerShot A590 IS will quench your thirst of grabbing moments in lens. With a wide range of shooting modes - from manual to fully automatic, including Canon's new Easy Mode - this digital camera make picture-taking really an amazing experience. A DIGIC III Image Processor with Enhanced Canon Face Detection technique assures a more natural flavor in your resultant photographs. Canon PowerShot A590 IS is once again one of the best digital camera for take shots on move. Its "Motion Detection Technology" reduces the blur due to motion and just by attaching an added wide or telephoto converter lenses, you can let your creativity flow out in full swing!

Specific Features of Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera
  • 8.0 Megapixel
  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • 2.5" LCD Display
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • High Sensitivity (ISO 1600)
  • Easy Mode
  • Fully manual to fully Automatic shooting modes
  • Face Detection & Motion Detection
  • In-Camera Red-Eye Correction
  • Adjustable flash light (high flash or low flash)
  • Powered By AA-size Batteries
This is really an exceptionally good digital camera, but not devoid of some disadvantages. The pros and cons of the Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera are listed below:

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent output quality, with good depth of field
  • Nice features
  • Easy setting modes
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Bright LCD
  • Simple controls/menu
  • Durable
  • Good battery back-up
  • Low battery life
  • Complicated controls/menu
  • Flimsy Construction
  • Missing features/settings
  • Poor Low-Light Performance
  • The autofocus turns a bit soft at times.
  • The manual exposure settings plus the ability to switch between "Evalutive Metering" and "Spot Metering" at this price is a huge thing. Hence the quality of this particular feature cannot be guaranteed.

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Insominia Patients - Eliminate Your Toss and Turn

Hot Gadgets Reviews, NightWave Sleep AssistantAnother new solution for the insomnia patients is here! This is a review on a gadget that revolutionized the medical science, setting apart the sleeping pills, cutting down the risk of serious side effects.If you are too tired mentally and cannot sleep, this relaxation device (NightWave Sleep Assistant) is the best way to fall asleep easily, by eliminating all that tossing and turning due to mental stress and restlessness. Well, this is all magic of the blue! Yes, NightWave Sleep Assistant does this by emitting a soft, cool blue light into your dark bedroom. The luminance of the faint blue light has a gradual fluctuations (gradual rise and fall) and as you lay there, your breath is synchronized with the rise ans fall of the illumination of light. With the passage of time the variations gets slower, and so does your breathing rate. Researches have shown that blue light with this particular wavelength helps reset the body’s biological clock (circadian rhythm), when you change the existing changing time zones. Whether you call it a magic lantern or just a sleep assistant, the Nightwave relaxing device is really a miraculous inclusion in the modern world, where sleeping pills have been the only stress killer. This hi-tech "NightWave sleep assistant" relaxing device silently drives you to a special pre-sleep phase, where your mind gets released from restless mental activities and tend to enter into a calm condition! Most amazingly, you do not need to switch it off. NightWave sleep assistant is smart enough to go to an auto turn off mode after a short spell of time, drifting you off to sleep. Most importantly, unlike the sonic devices, this blue illumination doesn't disturb others too!

This NightWave Sleep Assistant gadget review has no intention to review against the prescription medicines. You can taker your doctor's advice and try out this magic lantern. All you need to invest in a recurring manner to eliminate your tossing and turning, is to refill the batteries of your sleep assistant. This amazing gadget has been admired by ma from insomnia or jet lag. The sleep assistant helps you if you are suffering from loss of sleep caused by:
  • Environmental and lifestyle stresses
  • Over-stimulation from an active mind
  • Jet lag and unfamiliar sleep surroundings

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