Friday, March 6, 2009

iPhone Virus Warrants Caution to Third-Part Applications Installers

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iPhone craze is gradually putting an end to the cell phone generation by kicking of a boom in the hi-tech world. The iPhone madness all over the world have affected people irrespective of age and gender. But money is the name of the game - beyond all doubts! Had the price been within the range of affordability of the general mass, iphone craze would have eradicated what we call cell phone by now. With amazing applications designed for iPhone, it's one of the path breaking technology such as Multi-Touch interface, GPS, 3D positional audio, real-time 3D graphics and the accelerometer. All you need to do is to tap into the App Store and pick from thousands of enticing apps that you want to download.

Along side all these boons, iPhone has spread the fear of virus - iPhone virus! Whatever name you give to it - a virus or a technical fault, the program meticulously screws you by ceasing the software to work for you. Cnet says: It’s called "iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep", which according to them is "an important system update." The program isn't a menace as it only displays the message "shoes"; it doesn't do any harm other than refraining certain third-party applications from working well on iPhone. The program messes with applications like Launcer, Doom, Erica’s Utilities and OpenSSH, However, it's original apps work like magic! It may also happen that all the host sites may be shut down abruptly. It's just a result of bad programming... it seems.

A report of the discovery of first Trojan for the iPhone was documented by the major iPhone enthusiast site: iPhone enthusiast site, followed by a confirmation from the security research organization F-Secure. Technical experts says that the so-called iPhone virus doesn't pose any big risk for the general iPhone users. The Trojan actually attacks the third-party apps only and hence robs off the excitement of users who tend to modify their iPhones for installation of third-party applications in to their hi-tech device. According to all the app does is displays "shoes". But once you uninstall the application, it removes the files from /bin directory on the iPhone. This consequently breaks off the valid applications like "Erica's Utilities" and "Sendfile". On its website, F-Secure said: "Hopefully this serves as a warning for those who have opened their iPhones using a security hole in the system and then installing unverified software without a second thought to what they are doing". Most amazingly, it was an 11-year-old child playing with XML files who created the Trojan, reported F-Secure! F-Secure said, "Next time it might be someone else with more skills and with specific target".

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