Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Beco Toys – My Pet's First Choice

Loved celebrating one year of bringing home my Yorkie pup. What excited my loved pet more was the special gift I brought home to celebrate a year together. Few friends doubled up our joy. They appreciated my choice of gift – an assortment of Beco toys.

I could present nothing more eco-friendly to the one I hold dear. In bright blue, pink and green colors, both small and large balls are best things to keep mine and any pet engaged. The rope ball and Beco hoop are equally awesome. So is the Beco bone, that's quite a mouthful of activity for him – he seems to have no more interest his previous favorite chewing objects. These toys have become an obsession with my furry friend. Beco toys have become my pet's first choice. We really love our tug-of-war session as he determinedly resists my attempt to pull it out from his mouth.

Made from non-toxic plant fibers, Beco toy products are naturally safe for all pets. The natural bamboo and rice husk rubber range of pet toys is a must possession, if you love giving your pet the best – just as I did. To top it, vanilla scent is just WOW.

So, bring home a surprise for your furry companion – bring home Beco toys! The amazing display on 100% safe and eco-friendly beco toy products site caught my my fancy. You can check out the site before you make purchase.

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