Friday, February 20, 2009

Mac PC vs Windows PC

mac pc macs pcs mac pc vs windows ps mac vs windows apple mac market are macs better than pcs computers mac macs windows pcs window pcs Are Macs better than PCs Wondering why lot of people are inclined to Mac? Are Macs better than PCs? Well, some say "It’s gorgeous..."! Others, who are a bit too "techy", say "It's gorgeous inside". Now the question is what's there in it that has enticed a great section of the present generation's computer savvy mob within just this short spell of time? Apple claims that Mac has been brilliantly engineered with the world’s most advanced operating system accompanied with a high end suite of software that makes it even more smart than the computer itself. Now you do not have to spend more time struggling out to make your computer start working. The new Macs have traded in to the market, revolutionizing the work culture by bringing in a new "time worked more and time wasted less" idea. If you are tired of your Windows PC system getting hanged time and again, low resolution dull images, substandard acoustic quality, it's the right time you should skip to Mac.

The Mac PC vs Windows PC is becoming the most heated up topic of debate day by day. Well, now let us just have a bird's eye view on this computer rivalry that flew the same kind of spark as the cultural rivalry between Coke and Pepsi. The difference is in technology as it is in the way in which two kinds of people are looking at it. The hip-hop section of the society that require computers more for fun like playing video games and chatting, than for writing codes, will inclined towards the stylized, slick Mac. But again so called intelligent mob and the online business persons are usually Windows PC enthusiasts. They usually consider Macs PCs to be just over-expensive toy for the present hi-tech generation and cannot do much of serious computing.

The fact is, none of them are fully correct! With only scanty percent of the market share, Mac is no longer a choice of unemployed artists and fashionable young generation that prefers freaking out in sport blazers and sneakers. The Mac PC interface is multiple time nicer than the Windows with all high quality, stylized animations and the way it works. The important thing is that Apple makes both the hardware and the software, which makes every single component compatible to each other and everything works just as it should. This is why Mac market is on a gradual and steady growth, although Windows is still much ahead in the competition. Macs PCs are just a bit too advanced level computers for the techy generation.

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