Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Safety Baby Bottle – A Baby Feeder That Smiles at Right Temperature

Nerve-wrecking work loads at offices and business places have been a menace to the peace of life! Especially the present generation's moms and dads are stressed out with all the cacophony of the marketing campaigns and chasing the targets. Professional life is no more a peace these day; nor the personal life! Here’s an innovative solution especially for the modern stressed-out parents to help their baby in cases of baby screaming for milk. It is a very common scenario that you need to jump off your rag at three o’clock in the morning to prepare milk for your baby. The situation seems to worsen a bit more when you are done with the milk preparation, but can't give it to your baby because it's too hot.

The Safety Baby Bottle has been designed keeping in mind these unpleasant situations at midnight. The Safety bottle is like a granny taking care of your baby even at midnight. Just at a glance the Safety Baby Bottle tells you whether the milk is at the right temperature and can be given to your baby. The Safety Baby Bottle design involves a normal baby bottle with a face printed on it with thermochromic anti-forgery ink. The most interesting part of the bottle is that, when the milk is just at the right temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the face starts smiling in green. In case if the milk is too hot for your baby’s little mouth, say at 45 degrees Celsius or even hotter, the face automatically turns red and into a crying one. So this Safety Baby Bottle that frowns on unsafe milk temperature is an amazing invention that puts a bright curve not only on the tired faces of moms but on the faces of the little heroes and heroins too.

Now, it is a true sense injustice if I do not mention the inventor of this amazing baby product. Well, the Safety Baby Bottle has been designed by Huang Tzu-Yu, Cheng Hung, Wang Tzu-Wei, and Xiang Yu-Wei. However, the bottle is not yet in production, but once up in the market, parents are sure to queue up in the line.

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