Friday, February 27, 2009

Perfume Review - Top US Fragrances

American Fragrances Estée Lauder Perfume Review Top US Fragrances Tommy Hilfiger Armani Angel Calvin Klein Ralph Lauren Ghost Gucci Chanel Burberry Jean Paul Gaultier Pheromone Masaki Matsushima Calvin Klein Fleur Du Male Hugo Boss Le MaleScience of blending essential oils, fixatives and aroma compounds have been on the scene since time immemorial. Spanning back to history, documentations state that perfumery was introduced during the ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilization; later refined by Persians and romans. Today it has become an interwoven component of fashion. Starting from Albert Nipon to Yves Saint Laurent there are many classy perfume brands that has been contributing to the modern fashion priented community world wide. While modern women are inclined to brands like Armani, Angel, Calvin Klein, , Ghost, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry etc, men invest more on Jean Paul Gaultier, Pheromone, Masaki Matsushima, Calvin Klein, Fleur Du Male, Hugo Boss, Le Male for men etc. Statistics shows that Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein are the hottest picks for male population in UK. For women in UK Jean Paul Gautier's 'Classique' and Chanel's 'No. 5' tend to top the list.

When it comes to perfumes, American these days prove to be the world's leading perfume buyers. Although until 1960s, the French fragrances had been the most sought after ones in America, but the scenario has greatly differed today. American designer brands have mastered the art of making perfumes and has come up with some of the world's classiest fragrances that delivered a hard blow to many French notes.

Some Top Perfume Brands in USA

Tommy Hilfiger - Although one of the most recent perfume brands in the world of perfumes, Tommy Hilfiger has created a buzz around the country and even abroad. After the pop star Beyonce Knowles endorsed, Tommy Hilfiger's "True Star" gave the company's overall sales a stiff hike. True Star's notes come both in male and female versions and can be purchased in not more than $53 or so.

Estée Lauder - With sensational fragrance of top notes, Estée Lauder has created a sheer magic amidst the fashionable American women mob! "Beautiful" and "Pleasures" are a couple of latest craze in the country. A bit higher than the others in the market, the prices of these fragrances range between $43 to $63.

American Fragrances - This is again another most searched name in USA. "Arabian Night" by American Fragrances is another hot cake for American women these days. Just at the cost of $16, the American young women are chaging their signature note of fashion with a flick of finger. Arabian Night Cologne for Men has also created a sensation amidst the US men fragrance lover mob.

Ralph Lauren - Who doesn't heard about this name? Being one of the largest designer in the perfume industry, Ralph Lauren's products are most sought after ones not in USA, but abroad too! Ralph Lauren's "Pure Turquoise" has revolutionized the US fashion in vogue. The super fresh note of "Pure Turquoise" made it a hottest shot for the modern US women.

If you are looking for a new way to spread the aura of your presence any of the above names is what your pick should be. Let your presence be identified by your signature fragrance. Party freak outs will now be even more special for you with these sensational notes.

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